Feel It – Beat Hotel (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I don’t want to get all “old man sporting a 30-year old band t-shirt” but there was a time when we would have called songs which sounded like Feel It merely pop music and have done with it. Okay maybe New Pop or Alt-Pop but pop none the less. I mean it ticks all the boxes in terms of melody, accessibility, infectiousness, bop-around-ability and feel good factors but somewhere along the line pop seemed to lower its game and we needed to find new labels, and less condescending ones at that, for such joyous sounds.

But that is just the way things work out I guess. Coming on like a long lost Creation Records band it comes as no surprise to find that the band members have close ties with such luminaries as The June Brides, The Weather Prophets, The Jasmine Minks, The Loft and any number of cultish underground and subversive indie-pop outfits. Fine company indeed. Although formed in the late 80’s, Beat Hotel didn’t unleash any recorded songs on the public until 2013 and now this first single acting as a calling card for the soon to follow eponymous record is obviously something long anticipated by the discerning music aficionados.

Tapping into the same musical vein that powered the likes of The Bunnymen and Teenage Fanclub, they echo with the same Byrdsian jangle and The Velvet’s claustrophobic sonic weight and visit the same 60’s garage band touchstones which feed and fuelled the British post-punk movement. Just the right blend of euphoric, positive pop and swirling guitar maelstroms, groovesome accessibility and deft creative juices. The sound of what pop used to be and perhaps what it will again. We can only hope! 

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