Bones – Jimmy Laine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Like all artists worth bending your ear at in the pop market, it is Jimmy Laine’s desire to warp the format that keeps him ahead of the game. Bones, his latest in a run of recent stand alone singles, takes elements of pop, the bounce of the beat, the accessibility, and mixes it with a brooding groove and skittering rhythms which moves things just enough off of the beaten track to keep things interesting but not so far that it all becomes too challenging.

You want to be able to dance to it, it is pop after all, and you can, it’s just that it has a such a staccato beat , such an on/off dynamic that it should only be tackled by those who have been to the alt-pop school of cool, lesser groovers should certainly make sure that they are insured before throwing their shapes, cutting a rug or what ever the kids call it these days.

Again a great song, pop enough to catch the chart breeze, cool enough to keep the underground scene happy. Pop with a PhD? Probably.

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