Things I Like: Unnecessarily convoluted song titles. Bands who don’t understand the term “generic boundaries”. Tongue in cheek lyrics. Silliness. Sultry beats. Sleazy grooves. Music with a larger than life personally. So the chances of me not loving the wonderfully named Fans of Jimmy Century was always going to be pretty slim indeed.

Based in Las Vegas, how could they not be, this mercurial duo are the sort of band whose music defies pigeon-holing like no other. They bend everything from warped electronica, futuristic show tunes, dirge disco, accessible pop, hip-hop and even occasional rock muscle to their will and the result is as glorious as it is unpredictable.

Best of My Generation is driven electro-rock with rapped vocals, Liquid Chill is glitchy dance floor moves, the sort that The B52’s might be writing if they were starting out today and The Last Summer of Mad Whips (titles…see what I mean) is an R&B driven tune that stops just short of boiling over into an Ibiza rave anthem.

If you could bottle and sell their exquisite music thought processes to other musicians looking for inspiration then you would make a fortune. The only thing is what the hell would you write on the label?

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