As someone who was/is obsessed with The Church and more than a little in love with All About Eve, three words that are really going to make my day are Marty, Willson and Piper. So with a new Noctorum album promised and a teaser single landing in the review pile, everything in the world is good again.

Noctorum, a collaborative pairing of MW-P and producer Dare Mason, have been releasing albums that mix alt-rock drive, indie flair and melodic accessibility since 2002’s debut Spark’s Lane, alongside the formers solo, touring and writing careers. And anyone who can add Grace Slick, Aimee Mann, Susannah Hoffs to their resume obviously knows their way around a song.

And A Girl With No Love is just another example of how well MW-P does indeed know his way around a song. Bristling with energy and rock and roll groove but retaining that slight psychedelic infusion that served his formative band so well, it is that trade off between its underground nature and hooky accessibility that will see it pick up fans across the spectrum. And whereas most people would be happy to just motor through such a well-conceived tune, the charm here is the addition of some ethereal dynamic drops which make the foot-on-the-monitor highs all the more effective.

 A great song, but what else did you expect. Those of us in the know didn’t need to be sold on Noctorum’s talents and skills at fashioning such great songs and as a sonic calling card for the forthcoming album The Afterlife, it more than does its job.

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