Earth Without Art – Nick Davies (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It has always been a contentious issue, but with the effects of this current pandemic keeping artists and creatives estranged from their usual place of work, Nick Davies, quite rightly, takes the effect of these difficulties to their logical conclusion and tries to imagine an earth without art. Some might say that it is a bit of an overreaction but with the threat of many venues and performance places not looking to reopen after this crisis is dealt with and many artists being forced to earn their living in other, often non-creative ways, from which they may or may not return, it is a question worth pondering.

And of course the poignancy of that question is underlined by the fact that he is using the very art form which he points to as being threatened, to pose the question in the first place. And it is this deft musical delivery and the power of the message which go hand in hand to add urgency and weight to the question at hand. Are we caught between pop and a hard place? Is art for art’s sake a thing of the past? Are we moving into a world which knows the price of everything and the value of nothing? All of these questions are woven through the subtext of his latest single. And the answer is…


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