Downward Dog (Wiggle Your Butt) ft. Mr. Maph & The Marbella Collective – Mark R. Goujon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is certainly serious business but sometimes we can get so lost in arguing about our favorite bands, trying to emulate the stars of the day, getting precious and defensive about the songs which matter most to us that we forget its primary role. Music. Is. Entertainment.  It’s as simple as that and thankfully for every over-earnest, self-absorbed, wannabe rock star there is someone like Mark R. Goujon to keep us grounded.

Mark wrote lyrics that are fun, tongue-in-cheek, smile-inducing, inventive and infectious…and who doesn’t need some of that in their life right now? Mark’s production with Mr. Maph & The Marbella Collective created music that gives you a reason to dance and sing along. This upbeat song is overflowing with musical groove, funky vibes and sunshine sentiments…again, how can you not love that?

Like all instantly catchy songs and memorable music there is no big message or musical reveal. Downward Dog (Wiggle Your Butt) music video is a little bit naughty, maybe slightly risqué but in the most innocent of fashion, contrasting butt wiggling yoga practitioners with tail wagging dogs, in the nicest possible way. Butts can be sexy but mainly they are funny and it is such an innocent and inoffensive line that the song takes.

When the day is getting you down, when you feel the clouds gathering and the world closing in, this is the song you need to banish all the stress and pressure from your life, however temporarily. After all, how can the world seem anything than a fun, frivolous and flirtatious place to be when you are on all fours shaking your derrière?


Image by Edgar Fernández and Mark R. Goujon

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