Ded Diary Volume 4 – Ded Stark (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending trap beats and trippy sonics, laid-back lyrics and understated soundscapes, Ded Diary Volume 4 is the 5th EP from multi-disciplinarian and rapper Ded Stark. There are many routes to be taken through the urban music landscape, some obvious and aggressive, confrontational and cock-sure, others more understated, more intimate and it is the latter path that Ded Stark seems to prefer.

Here we find 5 tracks tending to follow a slow and winding path, one which opts for subtle dynamic changes, almost to the point of being hypnotic, over more bombastic styles. Life’s A Beach is so sun-soaked and relaxed that it almost feels lethargic and sleep inducing, such is its soft tones and relaxed manner. Opening salvo Grow Up and the skittering Birds which follows, offer a more upbeat approach but it is all relative and even Ded’s more energetic moves are understated by most people’s standards and generally you feel almost like being cocooned in the warmth and safety of a drug-fug…in a good way.

When you have had enough of bold statements and in-your-face rappers, Ded is the man with all the answers.

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