Come Alive – Chesney Claire (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you are looking for a slice of cutting edge R&B which acts as the perfect snapshot of where modern, edgy pop music is today, then you have come to the right place. Come Alive is one of those songs which has both the brooding vibes and frission of the underground scene and the accessibility and immediacy of the mainstream. And that space between cultism and commerciality is the perfect place for an artist to sit.

The song runs on a skittering, trap-like beat but grooves with a cool R&B rhythms and pop poise. Add to that its ability to ebb and flow through various dynamics from lulling lows to energetic highs, Chesney Claire‘s voice, one that is sweet and street in equal measure and harmony vocals which help add to the sonic twist and turns that keep the listener on their toes, and you pretty much have the perfect pop song for the moment.

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