Church of Rock and Roll – Gavin Chappell-Bates (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

13434780_1165370983513044_1509135887876470754_nI spend so much time listening to bands who are trying to genre-splice music into new hybrids, conducting weird late night experiments in the music lab or heading off to explored unchartered heights of musical possibility, that you sometimes forget that there are still people making straight down the line rock and roll.

As a teaser for the Cambridge musician’s debut solo album, We Are The Ones, it reminds us that to be big, you don’t always have to be clever. It is The Manics without the fur coats, guy-liner and political manifesto, it is The Pixies without the internal angst, and it is Ash with the bike leathers. A blend of pop aware melodic punk meets accessible old school rock and roll it just gets on with the job. Yes, it’s been done before but there is a reason we keep coming back to such an iconic sound. It may be a throw away pop-rock street anthem but ironically it is one that you will want to play over and over again.

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