Undesirables & Anarchists – The Little Wretches (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps one line out of all of the things I have read about Robert A. Wagner, the co-founder and mainstay of The Little Wretches, tells you everything you need to know about the man and the band that he leads. “Personally, I’m sick of Tom Joad.” As the son of Slovakian immigrants who came to... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with I Like Trains

There is an interesting arc between 2012s The Shallows and KOMPROMAT, one which moves from discussing the effect of emerging technologies on the individual to the effect those same inventions can have on whole societies. Can you expand on that idea? I Like Trains: It certainly feels as if there’s a strong link between the... Continue Reading →

Reckless – RX (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop songs driven by acoustic guitar don’t always reap great results. But that’s because most artists essentially try to take a folk music approach to a genre that celebrates very different sonic elements. The result is very often a middle ground, light-weight, ballad, one which makes use of neither pop’s infectious wants nor folks’ more... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with The Haunt

I’m sure that you get asked this a lot but what is it like being siblings in a band? What are the plus points and what problems, if any, does such a relationship come with? The Haunt: It’s definitely a lot less complicated than people think. The biggest plus of being siblings in a band... Continue Reading →

No Love – Taj (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps more than any other creative form, due to its immediacy and mobility, music is often the fastest medium to reflect ongoing events. I’m sure the upheaval of recent times - the pandemic, political divisions, looming economic isolation (I’m writing this from the UK remember) and the renewed drive for racial and gender equality -... Continue Reading →

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