Can’t See The Light – Wolfhounds (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any band who were featured on the now mythical NME C86 cassette, toured with the likes of The House of Love and The Wedding Present and who had called it a day by 1990 leaving behind them four critically acclaimed albums and a solid reputation could probably rest comfortably, assured that they had done enough to get more than a passing  mention in the annals of music history. But you can’t keep a good band down and having reformed to help celebrate 20 years of said cassette, since 2012 Wolfhounds have been recording and releasing new material.

So having been part of one defining music era, namely the post-punk boom and the birth of the indie scene, what do you do for your second act? Well, if you are Wolfhounds you remind everyone that your music was always too unique, too smart, too interesting and eclectic to be labelled as this genre or that style and you proceed to prove it by making albums as of their time this time around as the first batch were in theirs.

Can’t See The Light is proof, if ever proof were needed, that Wolfhounds not only move with the times but travel ahead of the curve, surfing the coming zeitgeist and even helping to set its sonic tone. And ahead of the new album Electric Music, this single is a chiming, shimmering slice of forward thinking indie music, marrying the weight and drive of rock music with the melodic accessibility of pop, brooding, low-end bass lines with shattering shards of guitar and no end of boogie inducing groove. It’s an alternative night club anthem and nothing less, which isn’t that surprising, it’s what they always did so well. Its what they continue to do so effortlessly.

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war… or failing that the hounds of harmony. Mutts of melody? Sorry, soundbites aren’t really my area.

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