Bronze Attack –  Kroissenbrunner and Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Jamit, and his strange and wonderful forward thinking dance music creations is a regular visitor to DAA’s sonic literary shores. Often seeming like a solo voice in the music wilderness, creating singular sounds alone somewhere on the other side of the world and fighting back against the waves of predictability and pre-conception by building mercurial musical landscapes. Here though he has found a like-minded soul and if Jamit on his own is an interesting prospect, a collaboration is exceptionally intriguing. Just the concept of a Singaporean-South African musical cross-pollination has to be fascinating concept.

But I guess geography really doesn’t come into it, both contributors are working in future possibilities rather than sounds rooted in any style or scene that just happens to be in their physical vicinity. This is the sound of the future and the future exists everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

Bronze Attack is a meeting of minds, a mutual connection, the fruits of which are a chilled and low-ended ambient dance track, one that takes the trade-mark Jamit loose and lazy (in the best sense of the meaning) hypnotic groove, sprinkles it with glitchy bass electronica, skittering percussive beats and a top line woven from sonorous vocals, sampled, childlike inclusions and all manner of processed peripheral musical motifs.

It is Jamit doing what he does best, but more so. The usual trippy, hypnotic waves but somehow deeper, wider, more infectious and expertly conceived. Jamit may be great as a solo act, we know that from the string of music that makes up his fascinating back catalogue, but I have to say that collaboration definitely suits him very well indeed. 


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