Ba-Jesus was a cracker of an album and, as a way of getting us ready for another full album release, Liverpool’s Ernest Moon has ushered forth a typically fun single to whet our tastebuds. And even hearing the title you can make an informed guess about what that single might all be about. Or at least the style and sentiment it might suggest.

It suggests a song with humour, a continuation of their conversational, tongue-in-cheek lyrics from Ba-Jesus, reeling off lines and using language that is not only quintessentially English but quintessentially Liverpudlian. And it is all that. It rattles along on a great riff and echoes the simple effectiveness of a rockabilly groove. It is scrappy and raw, wonderfully so, and is peopled with all manner of characters and chancers and deals with the dreams and aspirations, for what they are worth, of the young of today.

But the reason why it works so well is that Ernest Moon knows the difference between humour and comedy. Big Wow is amusing but relatable rather than simply playing for laughs. It does all this in the very real language of the everyday guy on the street (think The Specials, think The Streets, think Ian Dury) and it does it all in under two minutes.

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