Ba-Jesus – Ernest Moon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often, in the mad rush to be seen as being unique or clever, or worse still…cool, artists forget about the inherent humour that exists in all creative pathways. Or if they do remember it they don’t let it get in the way of their music’s earnestness or perceived integrity. Thankfully Ernest Moon is aware of just how humorous the world around them is and are happy to mirror that in their often mirthsome music. Well, they are from Liverpool after all.

And it is this blend of the profound and the profane, the witty and the wise, this sonic route that swerves between belligerent pop, post-punkery, warped indie and the sort of uniqueness that only seems to come from their fair city that makes their music so great. Or as they put it “a bit of homemade cranberry sauce on your pie and chips, “ a phrase that neatly sums up both their deft blend of sonic brows, both low and…well, medium at a push… and the humour that beats at its lyrical heart.

Satdeenight Ready seems carved of the same gruff and basic social commentary that Reverend and The Makers used to knock out without breaking a sweat, a grumbling street-wise document through weekend haunts and habits whilst Minxed Drinks is very much a second instalment, more booze culture reflections and now slightly worse for wear.

Paddle Boat offers a wonderful change of place, the grinding grooves replaced by more drifting, pastoral indie sounds, a woozy, hazy ballad that seems to just hang in the air around you and the final offering of this short, sharp and sometimes gently shocking e.p. Capitalism, is a wonderful rant against our love of money and materialism, done in their now familiar tongue-in-cheek and satirical style.

Ba-Jesus reminds us that art can be silly, music can be fun, seriousness is not all it is cracked up to be but within all of that they have something to say. And whilst they are getting their message home Ernest Moon never once get precious about themselves or their music and that is what makes it so wonderfully essential.

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