As with all their previous singles that have found their way to me, Aura wanders a beautiful and rarely-trodden pathway between alternative pop accessibility and a more spiritual and exploratory musical form. Between dancefloor escapism and deeper consideration. Between groove and grace. A bridge between the backbeat and the frontal lobe!

It’s a great route to walk down musically. It means that their music has the feel of something slightly otherworldly, slightly angelic, and it begs you to search deeper for its meaning and message. But if you are looking for a late-night, blissed-out groover to help slow the night down before the sunrise heralds a new day, this is it.

The world is becoming a more spiritual place. A place where people are looking for answers in unexpected places. Where there look inwards rather than up, to themselves rather than others, to the future rather than the past. Aura’s is just the song to help you on such a path.

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