There is something both light and anthemic going on in the music found on Andedonia. It is created by putting an acoustic guitar front and centre rather than the usual, heavier electric swathes and this creates space and atmosphere. Around this are any number of graceful and glorious sounds, from additional vocals to string washes to chiming pianos to various tones and textures formed from the clever layering of instruments.

And then there is Dave Hulegaard’s voice, confident, cool, cascading and creative, the fact that it reminds me of Neill MacColl of the all too short-lived Liberty Horses is just a bonus for me.

Songs such as Silver Stars are cinematic and all-encompassing, Hoped You Couldn’t Tell sparkles with pop poise and Sunburn, one of two songs graced by Katherine Christie Evans, is both angelic and accessible.

It is an unexpected album, one that reminds us that even within the realms of melodic rock, which this album essentially is, there is room for grace as well as groove, something that many contemporaries would do well to remember.

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