A Dreamer of the Night Ft. Addie Nicole – Mark R. Goujon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Downward Dog (Wiggle Your Butt) show us that Mark R. Goujon has a neat way with perky, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, then A Dreamer of the Night shows that he has a more serious, smoother and more mature side to his songwriting too. Based around Addie Nicole’s soft and seductive vocals, A Dreamer of The Night is a wonderfully beguiling, pop ballad. I’m fully aware that those last two words will probably already be conjuring all manner of clichés and doubts in the mind of the reader, of pop wannabes pushing schmaltzy schmooze and over-worn sentiments into the listener’s unsuspecting ears, but fear not, it’s better than that. Much better than that indeed.

Mark sought out the musical skills of CeneWorksMedia that weaved together some lovely, lilting pop moves, gentle melodies and infectious tones, it also builds wonderful dynamic shifts by both dropping down into understated minimalism and rising up to incorporate sassy rock guitar work to add unexpected weight to the proceedings. And it is the song’s ability to shape shift between sonic worlds, jump genres and blur the lines between pop and rock which is both fresh in its approach yet familiar in style. Mark’s collaboration with CeneWorksMedia masterfully moulds, sculpts, and melds these opposing worlds together in such a way that you can’t even see the joints.

The big message in this song is to explain that a dreamer of night is the opposite of a daydreamer. A person who daydreams avoids the work at hand and simply wishes their dreams would come true someday. A dreamer of the night, on the other hand, is someone who can’t sleep at night because they’re so driven by their passions. Their desires keep them awake. 

This song will appeal to the kind of person who will work around the clock at night despite all the distractions and obligations during the day. Somebody who makes steady progress toward their dreams becoming a reality. Mark dedicated this song to all those dreamers who are actively working toward accomplishing their goals in life. 

Although things are changing with the generation of music-makers who are coming through today, many people still seem to hold dear those old sonic tribal allegiances and like to pigeon-hole music as one thing or another. The great thing about Mark’s approach towards approach towards songwriting is his ability to flit effortlessly between various styles from song to song. Mark’s production of A Dreamer of The Night shows that he is able to subtly and succinctly cross genres even within the confines of one, short sonic offering.

And although the accompanying visuals are essentially a lyric video, it also shows what you can do when you think slightly out of the box. The lyrics float towards the viewer in a beguiling fashion, emphasising the weight and delivery of each word as it is heard and the whole has an appropriately dreamscape backdrop, reenforcing the night time and slightly otherworldly nature of the song.

A Dreamer of the Night really is the best of both worlds. Pop pickers will warm to its seductive charms, its smooth operations and its dulcet tones, those who prefer their music to have a bit more bite will love the way it slowly builds some sonic weight and deft rock motions to move it out of the pop playground and into a place populated by more discerning and selective music fans. The song obvious has easy chart potential and fits right into the commercial landscape but it is smart enough to appeal to a more mature audience too. It is a combination which should see the song blip on many people’s musical radars right from the outset but also gives it a longevity which doesn’t often go with that territory.

In short whether you are looking for a quick, sweet sonic hit or a song which loses none of its many charms through continued revisits, A Dreamer of the Night has got the lot.

Image by Mark R. Goujon

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