A Better Kind –  Greta Jaime (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully different going on in this latest sonic slice from Greta Jaime, something that splices familiar grooves with imaginatively different musical packaging. At it’s heart it is a groovesome, R&B infused pop track but it is what gets woven through that core sound that makes it really stand out.

A slightly dreamlike quality takes the whole thing into unexpected territory, the beats are softened, the dance dynamic is balanced by more subtle passages as the song builds and the vocals run an impressive path between impactful, low end and soaring ethereality. And then, once it has softened the listener up it blows things wide open, the vocals become more imploring, more hopeful and then an unexpected rock guitar line completes the transition between deft pop and big dance-floor filler.

Pop is such a broad church that it can be almost anything it wants to be. That said, I don’t think anyone quite say this coming. As unexpected as it is great.

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