Just because you can’t pronounce a song’s title doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. Just as, my limited knowledge of the Ukrainian language (I know the words thank you and…beer, obviously) doesn’t mean that I can’t get lost in it’s vocal charms. What is life without a little mystery? And what’s life without a slice of groovesome dance music to colour your day?

Usually found as bassist, synth player and front woman for post-punksters On The Wane, here Dari Maksymova blends a more clubland groove and euphoric rave sonics with the depth of alt-rock and the melodics of pop. Not bad for a debut single, a perfect statement of intent for this new pathway that she is heading down. As my language skills have let me down again I will have to leave it to Dari to explain what it’s all about.

“I was thinking about superhero culture because that’s sort of a big thing right now, right? At this moment we’re so obsessed with superheroes. And I think part of it has something to do with the idea of putting on a costume and getting to be someone other than who you are, and maybe being someone better, or stronger, or more capable. We want to see and do amazing things,” she explains.

It’s a track which in part echoes with the sort of soundscapes beloved of the likes of Chemical Brothers or perhaps Four Tet and which shows that such music is just as resonant and indeed sonically relevant to the world we find ourselves in today. An interesting and agile change of direction and one which will put her on the radars of plenty of discerning music fans, both in the dance community and far beyond too.

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