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There is perhaps too much music out there these days. Especially when an increasing proportion of it amounts to TV stars offering up covers of songs which add nothing to the musical canon or established bands playing arenas the size of the African Rift Valley with tickets running at around the same price as a second mortgage. What grassroots, off the radar, underground, breaking …call it what you will, music has always needed is someone to champion its cause, someone to fight its corner. And that is exactly what David Schipper’s new internet radio show is all about.

I’m a bit later coming to this particular party…I seem to say that a lot these days…but better late than never, as the show is already up to episode 10 on Ocooch Mountain Radio, an interesting name and incidentally the noise I make when I get up from a low chair these days! The latest show is centred around Miss Tess, a sort of Bonnie Rait for the modern age and trading in the same wonderful mix of rock, folk, blues and country and her new album, The Moon is an Ashtray is worth purchasing for the title alone.

Mr Schipper, no slouch when it comes to making music himself, proves what I have always suspected, that he has a pretty good ear when it comes to picking new tracks to play and new artists to introduce the listener to.  Episode 10 will run on Tuesday Feb 11th between 5-6pm, though such terms are meaningless in the global world so make sure you follow the link to Ocooch Mountain Radio and bookmark this…and perhaps some of the other cool shows…to avoid missing out.

Apart from Miss Tess, who features heavily in this episode, the likes of Bonnie Rait, Willie Nelson, Don Flemons, Ben Shaw and many more cool music makers besides can be found…the perfect mix of old and new music, name artists and emerging talent. It’s wall to wall music, pretty much, and great music at that. Give it a spin, what’s the worst that can happen?

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