I’m sure we could all do with something to smile about. It’s been a tough year all-round, no matter who or where you are. Between the political turmoil and the pandemic’s imposed angst and isolation, it is perhaps now more than ever that we need music to come to our rescue. And whilst 2020 seems to have thrown up music as bleak as the conditions that it imposed, from angsty rockers rallying against injustice and inequality to earnest folkies waxing lyrical about the lockdown, surely it is time for something a bit lighter. Please?

But wait, what’s that on the horizon? A purple glow of disco-light to herald the arrival of a sashaying army of groovers and movers in sparkly mini-dresses, hot-pants and false eye-lashes. The sonic cavalry has arrived.

Babushka is a fictional character and the product of acclaimed Swedish drag show group Cabaret Moulin. And whilst she has a reputation for being a beautiful disaster, to protest too much and to never be at fault, here she proves to be the perfect tonic. She may be fictional but she is a lot of fun and absolutely fabulous! To quote the icon herself, “This year has been all about Covid-19. We need something more lighthearted and some positive crazy that will lift our spirits and I have just that for those who are game”

Zoom Zoom Zoom comes in three different mixes (an extended and instrumental mix offering more bang for your buck baby) but, as always, it is to the video that you need to turn for the full experience. The song is a groovesome mix of dance beats, reggaeton rhythms and Day-Glo pop moves but it is the video which delivers the real sucker-punch. 

This troupe of (mainly) blonde bombshells, strut and slink around for the camera dropping infectious sing-a-long vibes as easily as they deliver suggestive dance routines and not-so-subtle innuendo. I’m not sure what the visual equivalent of a double-entendre is but this video is loaded with them. Naughty.

But that’s the whole point. Naughty…but definitely nice. A song and a video designed to take your mind off the hardships and constant grind (oh, they’ve got me at it now) of the real world. To make you smile. To have you raise an eyebrow. To carry you away to a place of disco-balls (saucy) and clubland cool, fantasy and fun, sound and sass. Forget the Sturm und Drang of the world as it is today and embrace the Strut and Drag of Cabaret Moulin…it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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