Man, this blend of neo-soul sophistication, those silky vocals, seductive R&B vibes, gentle beats and charming and chiming soundscaping—it grabs you by the ears. It’s like listening to an artist who’s effortlessly cool, with a dash of cultish charm, yet primed for the big leagues. There’s a vibe, a secret sauce that makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem. But mark my words, soon enough, people will be shouting, “I knew her way back when…”

Your Love – The Remix grooves on modern digital beats, but it’s also this nod to the soul and R&B of yesteryear. Joy Lewis, with her smooth delivery, knows the sonic roadmap and uses it to pay homage to the musical giants whose shoulders she’s standing on. Not everything has to reinvent the wheel; sometimes, a good song is just that—good. And Your Love – The Remix is damn good.

The vocals? Seductive, dripping with sentiment. The groove? Easygoing and understated. Piano, bass and all manner of seductive and beguiling electronica strike the perfect balance between the iconic sounds of the past and today’s more evolved yet no less respectful forms. It’s not just where genres collide; it’s a place where the past gets a shiny new makeover for the future.

If you’re itching to know where soul, R&B, and the classier side of pop are evolving in the more imaginative corners, look no further. This is the ticket, my friend!

Listen here –

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