You’ll Never Walk Alone –  Tim Cheesebrow (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Tim_Cheesebrow__Somebody__Somewhere__Cover_Never judge a book by a cover and never judge a song by its title. I tentatively pressed play on this expecting a cover of the famous Rogers and Hammerstein number, one that in my country at least is firmly entrenched in football (sorry, soccer) culture. Thankfully what greeted me was a slick and sassy country rock groover, relax, its all going to be okay.

Taken from the album Somebody, Somewhere, Tim Cheesebrow offers a lesson in how these things should be done, a neat blend of alt-country jauntiness, upbeat bluesy rock, squalling slide guitars and sumptuous, gospel inspired backing vocals. In many parts of the world this would be tagged as Americana music, but I guess in his Minneapolis home patch it is probably just termed…well, music. Great music at that.The song’s dynamic is buoyant and filled with the right blend of loose attitude and on the button precision, it takes a confident writer to weave together music which feels so relaxed in its delivery and yet still have everything landing just perfectly.

The more I try to dissect the song, the more I fall in love with its construction, but that isn’t what music is designed for. Forget the soothing and fine-tuned purr coming from under the hood, let’s just open this baby up and see how fast it will go….and then go and hunt down the album!

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