If terms such as gothic and post-punk seem archaic in the modern age, merely labels from the past, as overused and outdated as words and phrases as punk or rock ‘n ‘roll then we need to find new words to take their place before we are to retire them altogether. For, even though the terminology might be out of step with the here and now, there is a wealth of bands who have picked up that sonic torch and are running with it, taking those signature sounds, evolving them, re-interpreting them, making them fit for purpose in this new age and in doing so creating a brilliant legacy for those early 80’s pioneers. Bands like Pink Turns Blue, for example.

Within the Berlin duo’s latest single you can hear the stark northern European-ness of both their German home and the British bands who influenced them, everyone from Joy Division to The Cure to Clan of Xymox. And it comes as no surprise to find that they are not just looking to the influences of an abstract past, it is their past too, having made music themselves since the mid-eighties.

Ahead of their latest album, Tainted, this track is one of those stylish and seductive, slow-burners, which seems to burrow unbidden into the consciousness, its stark melodies and dark rhythms popping back to the surface of the mind when you least expect it.

And although the title suggests the love and longing of a relationship perhaps run its course, it equally refers to caring about the world and worrying about all of the issues that go hand in hand with modern living – climate change, its effects, the reaction to it, the split within society, isolation, health risks and financial uncertainty.

A cool track, a poignant message, a band to look out for.

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