Music has always provided the perfect mechanism for an artist to get things off their chests, a way to exorcise demons and negative thoughts and as a way of connecting with others who might find themselves in similar situations. You Know Me Better does all these things and more. Not only that, it does it accompanied by an infectious beat and the most groovesome and addictive of rhythms. Not only turning the frown upside down, doing so in an unmissable and dramatic style.

The song comes from a fairly dark place, one where Bohardt felt unmotivated, overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of trying to be a musician during the lockdown, cut off from stage, studio and audience. But it is also a beacon of hope, a cry from the wilderness to reconnect and remind people that no matter how alone they might feel, everyone is facing similar challenges and going through unprecedented experiences.

And so what may have begun as a shout born of frustration becomes a rallying cry, a call for support and unity, a reminder that by pulling together we can weather the storm. So many other artists are making similar statements at the moment, but only Bohardt seems to have created a bona fide, dance-floor killer of a song to act as its musical vehicle along the way.

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