Yesterdays – West of House (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I know I bang on about this a bit…a bit too much even, but I tend to be a sucker for music which reminds me of my own sonic revels through a post-punk heyday…I guess you never shake off the music of your own formative years. I’m not even talking about music which sounds like it was fashioned in that alt-80’s sonic crucible, just music which seems to carry the same hallmarks and lives up to the same high standards. And Yesterdays is certainly that.

For all it’s contemporary indie cool and sleek modernity, it also sits comfortably along side the likes of The Bunnymen, The Church, The Icicle Works… perhaps even early U2, all hallowed territory in my book, all non US bands too which either says something about the limitations of my points of reference or the broadness of theirs.

And it is in that collision point where pop melodics meets rock swagger, where the chiming and shimmering shards of indie guitars submit to the wonderfully relentless bass and backbeat, the dynamic lift of the chorus, the underplay of the verses which reminds me of a time and a place. And only the best music has the power to do that.

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