Using allusions to a WWE wrestling bout to talk about the more intimate moments of a relationship, actually not even a relationship maybe just a casual hook-up, Satomaa raps her way through various partners and liaisons. And she does so to a blend of bass booms and skittering percussion, confessional lyrics and unexpected candour.

And unlike many songs that fall into the same category, this song runs on a sense of humour and a wicked glint in its eye. It isn’t out to change the world, or act as a self-aggrandising anthem for the tortured and put-upon artist or even offer any words of wisdom. It’s just a girl talking about her likes and loves, nothing held back and done with a great sense of fun.

Spoken word samples are dropped in, dynamics rise and fall… slight innuendo there…and a good time is had by all. (naughty!) Remember when rap still had a sense of humour? Satomaa does.

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