Wrap Up – False-heads (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

securedownloadSomehow, False-heads have the ability to write songs that represent every disenfranchised musical subset in history…well, a fair slice of them anyway. In a whisker over four minutes Wrap Up manages to embrace the sneering punk, slick haired rock and roller and misunderstood grunger. The brutal riffs will speak to metalheads and the brooding undertones are a place even the estranged goth can find solace. Call it what you will this is garage rock at its finest.

The very riffs speak attitude, the lyrics drip bile and the whole package seems to be a vehicle for the dark underbelly of every musical outsider since the clock was first rocked around. It’s a wonderful skill to have, to be able to take every disinherited idea, every discarded and ignored, non-conformist expression music has ever turned its commercial minded back on and forge them into an all embracing, all uniting anthem, but False-heads manage to do it with ease.

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