Following the release of the wonderfully titled single ‘1,000 Opera Singers Working in Starbucks’, which was included in the official soundtrack of FIFA 19, London trio Wovoka Gentle have now shared new track ‘Peculiar Form of Sleep’, out now on Nude.

“It’s something to do with that moment between being awake and asleep, where thoughts bleed into dreams and everything seems to make both no sense and perfect sense”, the band says. “You’re sliding between these contrasting, dense passages that still feed off one another and congregate around some kind of narrative, which maybe is the whole narrative. The title is from an E.E. Cummings poem: ‘to exist being a peculiar form of sleep’.

The band have announced a couple of live dates, including their biggest London headline show to date at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in November. More to be announced soon.



Wovoka Gentle are an experimental three-piece from London, comprised of William Stokes and twins Imogen and Ellie Mason. Taking its root in folk and Americana songwritng, the Wovoka sound draws upon the psychedelic soundscapes of the late 60s as well as contemporary experimental, pop and collage music; marrying classic instrumentation with sampling, analogue synthesis and sound manipulation.




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