Wired – Harlekurt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Arriving with the tag line “sad vibes for rainy days” the track immediately sets the tone with Kristen Stewart’s now-classic monologue of being at odds with the modern world from the film Anesthesia, something that it returns to reinforce the feeling of disaffection and dislocation.

From there the song runs through a melancholic, electronic soundscape, oozing through downbeat emotions and self-reflection, meandering through sonic loneliness, crawling through ideas of isolation via sounds and samples. It is soulful but far removed from soul music, it uses the same building blocks as dance music but is perhaps the opposite of what dance music is all about. It is hip, but it doesn’t hop. It is a perfect contradiction.

It is also a perfectly timed release. After a year or more of isolation and solitude caused by pandemic induced lockdown and social distancing, many of us are experiencing such feelings. Humans are pack animals, we need company, we demand love, we thrive on contact and communication. This is the sound of everything which is the opposite of that made into a melancholic ballad for the modern age.

But the lyrics also talk of redemption through affection and companionship, and that is the ray of hope contained within these dark thoughts, the silver lining to be found in the eye of the emotional maelstrom.

Wired is like little that you will have heard before and to some, it might almost seem off-putting in its darkness and depth. But perhaps now is not the time for perky pop songs, now is the time for reflection, for songs with meaning and integrity, purpose and poignancy. And Harlekurt delivers all of that and more.

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