Music can be mere entertainment, sure; nothing wrong with that. But it is always lovely when it strives to be something more as well. Will You Answer My Questions is an example of this artist’s, or collection of artists’, awareness of such potential. It may seem like a chilled fusion track, a place to explore the relationship between gentle dance beats and ambient soundscapes, jazz meanderings and understated hip-hop grooves, and it is indeed that. But it is also much more too.

The title alone makes you ask, what questions? In itself a question about questions. The lyrics are abstract like snatches of street-wise found sounds woven through the beguiling and trippy music that acts as its musical vehicle. And driving it all are grooves and beats, rhythms and melodies which are off-kilter and laterally thought out, and that is always a good thing, right? Absolutely right.

And when taken in the context of the album that it comes from, the appropriately named Abstract, you can see this heady and funky track as part of an expansive sonic soundscape. One that is genre-hopping and adventurous, one that poses street-wise philosophies as readily as it lays out urban myth, which is wonderfully spacious and ornate, ambient and effervescent.

It’s a track, and indeed an album, which is about great musical ideas. Creator Co.Lega’s legacy may be less about the music and more about how you use different strands of music to create new musical genres, or more likely, genre free music, music perfect for the post-genre age that we find ourselves in. But, of course, that is not to say that it isn’t music full of great playing and deft musical creation, not least of all from Michal Urbaniak, whose subtle and supple, ornate and awesome saxophone playing gives the single it jazz undercurrents.

If it is the job of a single to go ahead of an album and build intrigue and anticipation to tease the audience and test the water, allow the audience to taste before they buy, then Will You Answer My Questions has done its job well. It gives us an idea of what to expect from Abstract but also makes us realise that this is just one small idea of what may lie within its 12-inch confines. who knows how far it will push boundaries and to what extent it will rewrite the sonic rulebook.

Who amongst you can listen to this track and not want to know more? Boom! It’s got you right where it wants you! You’re hooked. Job done.

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