Sitting somewhere between alt-rock adventurousness and classic rock traditions, Widow Lamb is a silky, slinky, sonic beast. It is proof that rock music can be more than just a bombastic blast of energy and volume, although when it decides to make its moves it certainly has no shortage of that. But around these musical highs are all manner of lulls and lows, subtle and supple breakdowns, understated grooves and neat, minimalistic riffs.

It all makes for the perfect balance of high octane, foot-on-the-monitor rock and roll and smart and seductive interludes. And it is these tempered passages that make the highs even higher, the dynamic changes driving up from a much lower, more grounded place and thus making the ride between the two points longer, more dramatic and more extreme.

Vocally too, Dino Pitoski follows a similar route, shifting from dark and delicate deliveries to sky-scraping, shout-it-from-the-rooftops shamanistic anthemics.

And it all comes packaged with a great video; sultry and sensual, slightly psychedelic, brilliantly shot and interspersed with cool performance footage, a narrative that teases and touches the listener and keeps you guessing right up to the final bite.

If you like this track, and let’s be fair, why wouldn’t you, then it is worth noting that this is the lead single from a 4-track ep called Dream Pocket (1st cut) which is also available now. And on the strength of this first track and video, it is going to go down a storm. Classic rockers will love the power, alt-rockers will appreciate the poise, goths, and other creatures of the night, will love its dark sonic designs. But it is also melodic enough to break into the more mainstream markets, its accessibility and infectiousness appealing to more chart minded music buyers and pop pickers. In fact, I can think of anyone who isn’t going to love this.

Stream Dream Pocket (1st cut) HERE

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