Wide Eyes –  Desert Mountain Tribe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

c8cd7967cb10105b37c0b2546f973814dbd69856Desert Mountain Tribe landed in the public consciousness with a splash a couple of years ago as their debut album Either That or The Moon received critical plaudits and public acclaim from all who came into contact with its psych-rock charms. On the strength of lead single, Wide Eyes, it looks like they will have the same effect when its successor, Om Parvat Mystery lands in the summer.

Wide eyes is built of the same threads of alt-rock poise, shoegaze intensity and psychedelic haze that they  made their trademark on that first album, a blend of Doorsian dystopia and the psychedelic infusions of Echo and The Bunnymen, with heavier guitar swathes and more driven grooves. I guess this is what the kids today would call alt-rock but alt-rock is named for its parallel stance to the classic sounds, and this is full of classic sounds, classic but not cliched.

Whilst their fellow rock bands are either pursuing a new rock path with their skinny jeans and their fashionable hair or sticking to the rules of a foot on the monitor, patched denim jacket golden age, Desert Mountain Tribe take a cleverer and more discerning root. They travel the back roads of rock history picking up 60’s drop out vibes, 70’s underground moves and 80’s post-punk revivalism, 90’s grunge weight and more modern rebranding that has lead to a nostalgia infused Bohemia. But they do all of this whilst moving forward and that is why they stand apart form the pack and are so vital to the modern music scene.

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