Who Cares What The Laser Says? – White Wine (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

White-Wine-Cover-2500White Wine’s new album ‘Who Cares What The Laser Says?’ is a twisted broken treat to listen to. Joe Haege’s antagonistic vocal delivery flashes over the synths and awkward beats and the lyrics are well written and delivered. His angst filled delivery is on show in the second track ‘Where’s My Line?’ (see the video below). You will also quickly assimilate the chant of ‘I’m a sick and narcissistic sycophant!’ from the track ‘Bullet Points Like Swords’.

The album title is a sentiment against technological progress, which feels well represented within both the lyrics and the soundscape of the album. Many of the drumbeats present are stop/start, which keeps you on edge as the album progresses.

There is a dark moodiness to much of Side A (I am so happy to see the two side album concept still in effect). The opening track ‘Is This Weird?’ reminds me of a hangover at a funfair and ‘Sitting On A Bench’ features a nice warped synth riff.

Side B sounds warmer than Side A and includes my favourite song on the album, the title track: ‘Who Cares What The Laser Says?’ The lyrics on this track are tremendous and I am glad that ‘two step verification’ is now engraved into music. The track also features humming synths that sit distantly in the mix and compressed drums that sound like they are banging down a door.

The other standout track for me is the final track ‘Relic On Fire’ with its slow-fast drums and is reminiscent of PVT.

The album was performed, recorded and mixed by the band/duo and I think that gives the whole musical experience here an additional edge. I am on my third listen and I’m looking forward to discovering more nuances on my fourth.

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