This Alicante duo has been making high-quality, incendiary dance music for more than 6 years now and the experience of that time dedicated to the art clearly shows in the track. It is unfussy, concise, infectious and straight to the point. Not for them filling every available space with superfluous sonics and studio gimmickry.

White Light is built on solid beats and generous grooves, it connects with the feet, sets the dancefloor vibe and looks you in the eye and dares you not to move. And it is a challenge that is hard to avoid. But more than that, there is something smart in the song’s dynamic. It grooves when it chooses to but it also wanders between some gorgeous highs and then drops down into lulling lows to create a constantly evolving shape.

In short, it is dance music stripped down to its very essence. Infectious grooves, beatific beats, loving lyrics and that’s it. What more could you possibly need?

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