When New York Is Drowning – Carrier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

All music comes from somewhere. All music is created from a network of inspirations and ideas, references and record collections and live shows and life experiences. It’s just that the best musicians weave these together so tightly and throw in a whole host of imagination and forward-thinking that it would take a sonic forensic scientist to unpick it all.

And that is what is happening here. You can hear the blast of alt-rock and the otherness of indie music, the pop infections and the grungy grooves, but the end result is a sound that is…well, it’s just the sound of Carrier.

I love the downbeat, college rock darkness and quiet/loud contrast and bombast of Parade. I love the blunt punch of You, Underwater. I love the gothic undertones of the title track …actually The Gothic Undertones would be a great tribute act, but I digress. I love the squalling pop-punk belligerence of 14 Stops.

In fact, there isn’t much about this album that I don’t love.

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