There is nothing better than music which simply gets on with its job. It’s all very well, throwing in all manner of studio gimmicks and sonic tricks, but if the song isn’t strong to begin with, if the music doesn’t have its act together, no amount of distractions will make up for a song that has missed its mark.

Welcome To The Party, the new release from BlackLight, is a track that knows what it is trying to accomplish and just gets the task done. No fuss, no distractions, no messing about. If you are ever looking for an artist that embodies the sound of Tech House and, even more broadly, Techno and House music, then this is it.

Seamlessly dovetailing the rhythmic and percussive patterns of techno with the grooves and melodies that typify house music, Welcome To The Party is an energetic, even euphoric, slice of sonic gold. It is the embodiment of trance-inducing, beguiling dance music, a riot of rhythm, beatific beat, addictive energies, and infectious infusions of melody.

If you look up the phrase “instant floor filler” in the dictionary, it just has a photograph of this single’s cover. Nothing else needs to be said.





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