11196247_812474252174561_7569488402679567328_nThe mission is a simple one. To make intelligent dance music that doesn’t follow the fickle fashions of any short lived passing scene, to make music that ignores short-lived trends, bandwagons and fast-track marketing. And by Jove I think Terrace have done it. Referencing everything from the obviously starting points, House, Techno, Disco and Ambient they then shore this up from more robust sources, everything from Funk, Post-Punk and even Brit Pop. The result is a debut album that transcends dance trends, is cutting edge and filled with all the half remembered sounds of past nights out.

What comes through is not only a deep knowledge of music – rather than just plundering the latest trend to try and anticipate the next lucrative wave – but also a passionate commitment to dance music. No throw away songs or ideas sacrificed for a quick buck, We All Fall Together is the sound of a band in love with music itself and staying true to their mission statement.

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