We Are Who We Are – ITSTALENTNIGHT (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

zachEven before you get to the music itself there is something wonderfully endearing about going on here. With a song title which just says that fad and fashion isn’t their game, take us or leave us, and a band name which is both confident of their skills yet slightly wacky in the way that they signpost them, I like them long before the first beat has been struck and the first lyric has worked its way into my ear.

ITSTALENTNIGHT forges its sound from cutting edge hip-hop beats, EDM grooves and sassy pop vocals which means that it has a wide audience to appeal to rather than the more niche crowds that many people are hap to play for. Lyrically it is easy to see that they have a sense of humour, a sense of defiance and a sense of style. The words are rapped, sung, warped and effected at various turns and with Shayla J. adding the right amount of sweet harmony and lush digital textures to the song you have a very appealing sound indeed.

What I love most about this rising LA duo is their ability to swerve the cliches. Whilst their fellow rappers are puffing out their chests and pop divas are selling songs by showing flesh, these guys stick to what is important, the music. The fact that they still manage to stand apart from the pack whilst forging music with such broad appeal is the biggest testament to their abilities. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.



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