Spyderpop Records is based in Arlington, Texas. They’ve been covering practically everything from alt-rock, power pop, glam rock, punk; you name it; you can bet one of ‘em will be playing it somewhere or another.

The label came out of the Texas guitar scene, specifically, the scene around The Pengwins, whose members all now play major parts in the world of Spyderpop

“We All Shine On” is a compilation of twenty-two (count ‘em) tracks celebrating the music of 1970.” It is their latest release. And as for celebrating, celebrate they certainly do. As to who “they” are, well, there are so many names to be name-checked here, and you’ll likely recognize a few, even if you can’t find Texas on a map, so it’s too crazy even to try. So, for the sake of parity, I won’t.

Although, c’mon, you need to hear Come And Get It by Irene Pena. And track 5, Darian’s Arizona. And Danny Wilkerson has made me finally warm to Everything Is Beautiful.

There are twenty-two tracks on this album. And each and every one of them played in the spirit of the originals. There are no dark doom-laden reinterpretations here, so don’t go looking. You will hear no funereal-paced Riki Tiki Tavi or Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) with additional anvils chiming or babies crying.

Although, coincidentally, both those songs are actually on here as well. Along with Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Share The Land, Cracklin’ Rosie, Reflections of My Life, and a whole bunch of others.

The originals of these songs had some BIG arrangements as well. Orchestrations played by real orchestras sometimes. And if I didn’t know better, which I don’t but c’mon, Spyderpop has hired them all back for this album.

If you’re at all familiar with any of the artistes playing here then you’ll hear them still managing to be themselves and bring a little of that to each of these songs. But not enough to detract you from the tributes being played. And that’s what they are. It sounds like the whole ensemble love these songs. Like it says on the sleeve “celebrating the music of 1970”.

They should make it a thing. The year thing. Spyderpop.

Long may they spin indeed.

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