It’s always nice when you hear fleeting echoes of one of your favourite bands drifting through the back of new music. I’m not saying that Campos is in anyway stealing sounds from the past, I’m sure that he isn’t even aware of the connection that my music soaked brain made. But in the electronic pop-rock hybrid of music that he has created here and especially in that simple, effective and beguilingly hooky chorus, I hear the drifting ghost sounds of early New Order. And that can only be a good thing. Right?

As I say, I doubt it is intentional and it is only one part of this great little song that he has fashioned, but I have to respect someone who comes to similar creative conclusions as that stalwart band and favourite of my formative years. But I digress. There is something thoroughly original at work here too, something forward thinking and very much of the here and now and I guess it is a testament to how clever this song is that I get to dwell on the past whilst dissecting music that will help dictate the future. How cool is that?

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