Running on a buoyant and skittering trap percussion, pulsing bass beats and beguiling electronica, Water is the sound of where urban music, for want of a better term, is today. You can hear the influence of those past hip-hop pioneers, the sonic adventurers who rewired old sound systems and sampled classic vinyl to create a new and revolutionary sound. But more than that, you can hear the sound of the modern, cutting edge too.

And it is this mix of traditional vibes, the deft rhymes, the heavy grooves, the infectious beats and the modern digital age, the shimmering percussion, the modern swagger, the poised and polished production that creates a sound that is both wonderfully fresh and yet hauntingly familiar.

Water is the sound of the modern rapper singing about his life, and again it is rap music doing what it has always done, waxing lyrical, literally, about the world around it from the artist’s point of view. The more things change the more things stay the same and at that collision point of sound, history and culture, you find 4Eva doing his thing. And doing it so eloquently.



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