Watchu Tryna Do? – GiGi Vega (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Watchu Tryna Do? is a chilled slice of modern R&B, one where the sound of the genre’s 90’s heyday is reimagined via the most up to date pop tricks and dance floor grooves. But even if the technology moves on, the core vibes remain; an easy and infectious rhythm, crystalline vocals, deft musicality and dexterous beats.

The great thing about the song is its musical versatility, one giving it the ability to reach any number of markets. The popster will love its addictive ways, the dance floor diva is effortlessly cool and it is as likely to find favour with the mainstream music buyers as it is with the more discerning underground movers and shakers.

And with two mixes of the song, one featuring Rapper TEC and the other the New Orleans Bounce mix featuring Big Freedia, it would seem that this is a song that is going to find its way into every corner of the music community.

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