Warrior Status – Ras Attitude (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Who isn’t a sucker for a bit of soft, soothing, soulful reggae, for some smooth island vibes and bubbling bass lines, funky, off-kilter beats and sunshine-infused grooves? I know I am. Although I have to admit that it isn’t a genre that I actively seek out, when I find myself confronted with it, I love it. I’m sure the most ardent metal-head or experimental indie kid feels the same, though they might not admit it in their musical circles.

Ras Attitude’s debut album is a gorgeous collection of deftly-wrought, conscious reggae and when was reggae ever not brilliantly conscious of its social and political surroundings? 15 tracks of songs about love and unity, community and togetherness put to some traditional sounding musical grooves, proving that reggae is one of those genres which has probably found its perfect form. Rather than try to fuse it with other sounds and styles, it’s is better to dig down into  its core vibe and use those to create your own take on the style.

And that is what Ras Attitude does so well on Warrior Status and the result is an album which will find favour with those who have been devotees of the genre since its inception and those looking for something which chimes with today’s zeitgeist alike. The best of both worlds.

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