Warbler BC One by Bruce Wayne Carl (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Warbler BC has a lot of life experience to draw on, one filled with enough trauma and heartache, wrong turns and poor choices to last any number of lifetimes, so it is hardly surprising that his musical output errs on the side of the intense and the desolate. But the collection of tracks which makes up this e.p is infused with melancholy rather than misery, soul-searching rather than surrender, this truly is the music of redemption, perhaps even music as redemption.

Wandering between the chamber-pop sounds of the more experimental era of Scott Walker’s impressive creations, Nick Cave’s bruised blues dirges and Jim Morrison’s psychedelic infused crooning, Warbler BC One is like little that you will find in the mainstream today but that is exactly where it belongs.

Don’t Fall in Love, for example, is the perfect antidote to the saccharin sounds and pretend pop perkiness of the modern age and contains more feeling, more passion, more honesty in one lingering word than the last thirty years of music industry outpourings combined.

Although music can be many things, authentic is rarely one of them. Bruce Wayne Carl could be about to change that state of affairs.

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