This is a neatly recorded record that sounds raw and real. A recording that feels like it hasn’t been overworked with significant post-production tweaks or overdubs.

Overall it feels genuinely 2020s though there are some clear refrains being recognisable from various points from the post-punk musical lexicon. I’m reminded of The Strokes, Minutemen and a particular M.E.S mid 80s vocal lilt.

At roughly the middle of the album, Collateral Damage brings in extra layers of vocals that take the record in a different direction. This counterpoint is well placed and directs the listener to a different but still recognisable space. Less wall of sound and more considered. This allows the vocals to play a bigger role in the overall mix.

As the album moves towards its close we are treated with my favourite stand out track, Laterally Speaking. It carries a quality chorused or multi-tracked vocal line that lifts a dirge (btw I love dirges) to a significantly more atmospheric and ethereal level.

It serves as a great entree to the final dish which is both sublime and majestic.

Odd to hear the two top tracks on an album right at the end. Curating and track order is crucial and could be risky for newcomers to the band.


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