Wake Up – Snowtown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The speed of the modern world in particular and the impact of the isolation of recent pandemic enforced Lockdowns has led to a massive upsurge in mental health issues. It’s something that affects us all. From that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to face the challenges of a new day to more obvious feelings of loneliness and depression. It is all part of everyday life in the modern age. Those feelings are common, normal even, and more widespread than you might think. You are not alone.

And that is the message at the heart of Snowtown’s latest single, Wake Up. It is a message reinforced through the delicacy of the music and the deft sonic choices being made. Wandering between bursts of electronic energy and some understated and spacious passages, it reminds us that such feelings don’t only affect the individual but those around them too and it is to those loved ones that we should turn for understanding and affection.

A gorgeously crafted weave of electronica and plaintive piano sounds, and a song with a poignant and powerful message at its heart.

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