264817In a world of entrenchment and demarcation, of accepted norms and conformity, A Shoreline Dream is a transient and translucent haze that can’t be tied down. When everyone else is playing by the rules of commerciality or bowing to the fads of fashion they would rather move, smoke-like, on a breeze of their own making. They eschew genres, preferring to drift tantalisingly above them all or even create their own unique sonic space to inhabit.

If music were a painting and the usual pop and rock players were working in vibrant, well-defined oils, then this is music as watercolour, music which sketches the basic lines and then proceeds to blur the colours into the most translucent and sparsest of musical hues. It is musical layers washed out and then built up from many gossamer thin soundscapes, it is space used as an instrument, it is about texture and tone rather than drawing the eye in more obvious ways. It is the space and the suggestion as much as the chords and the beats that revel the musical ideas to the listener the listener and which allow the listener to see, or in this case hear, the whole picture.

Songs such as Wait out and Barnum play with their well-established neo-shoegazing and dream state indie sounds whilst songs such as In The Ready Sound move towards a tighter, left field alt-pop vibe, though not one your average pop picker would recognise, Im guessing. But that’s good, for even when they sail their swirling ship closer to conformity, they are still in some very original waters. The same waters that the likes of early Ride and Spiritualised charted a generation ago and which the likes of North Sea Oscillation and Engineer have continued to explore right up to the present day.

You know that you will never be disappointed with anything A Shoreline Dream produce, this is a safe pair of musical hands and a band who manage to raise benchmarks, personal and otherwise, with everything that they release.


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