Violent Video Games –  Camens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

6f736da4-ae5d-4b67-9214-5d12b4a340acCamens are back and if last time around Redolence saw them seeped in late night beach party vibes and vibrant, dance fuelled indie grooves, this time around their chosen escape is to shut the door on the hassle and hustle of the modern word and play the violent video games of the title. And even when taking on such a seemingly anti-social and closeted part time, they make it sound like the most joyous past time going.

Musically it is driven by a jubilant and driven indie sound, one that blends fluid guitar hooks, groovesome danceability and just enough sonic muscle to push through the pack of effete pop chancers and indie conformists. It espouses the act of literally saying “fuck it,” accepting that the day isn’t going to get any better, ditching all responsibility and just engrossing yourself in a mindless game session with your friends.

We have all had days like that, days when you just want to close the door and leave the big, bad world behind, write the day off and try again tomorrow. Yes, we have all suffered those days and retreated into our own lair, but rarely has the act of hibernation had such a brilliant sound track.

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