When I see a title such as Blood on the Blade, I immediately expect to be faced with some hardcore rapper acting all tough or a bunch of metallers working…well, all though or perhaps some indie kids with complicated hair acting…yes, all tough. In my experience, songs with such a moniker are generally about someone self-aggrandising.

But that’s books and covers for you, and you can imagine my surprise when I drop the virtual needle on the digital record…okay, video… and am faced with this neat slice of indie-folk, of intelligent-pop, or emotive alt-rock, or whatever it might be. It’s the last track of the day for me to write about, and going out on a high is always great. This is brilliant. It is understated, heartfelt, spacious yet propulsive and a cracking video to boot. You will be hearing more about Lacobo-Jomes, not just because I plan to write about him much more in the future.

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